why a launch team?

The Launch Team is a high commitment group of people called to pioneer this new work together. Everyone is welcome to attend, but we’re looking for partners. Planting a church takes time, energy, & passion, and we’re asking God to send individuals & families with a heart to invest in the formation of this community by helping us set a firm foundation in faith, family, & finance. In short, we can’t do it alone and would love to have you join us in planting Fountain City Church..


1. Commit to be present in weekend worship gatherings. We are building a beautiful community of people devoted to the Word & Spirit. A Launch Team member is someone that makes weekend gatherings a scheduled priority as we plant the church & fight to build a culture of extravagant worship.

2. Engage in weekly community groups. We will prioritize raising up Acts 2:42 families all over our region. We will empower people to live out the Gospel in their families, neighborhoods, workplaces, and world through forming covenant relationships, practicing intentional apprenticeship to Jesus, and devoting to God’s mission in the world around them. Community Groups are the center point of our week and how we will be transformed! (kicking off June 2019)

3. Give to Fountain City Church. Launch Team members commit to tithing to the mission & vision. A tithe is a tenth of your income given to God’s work, in this case through this church. It’s a way for us to pour into our community, support missionary works, and take care of all God has entrusted to us.

4. Serve on a team.  Every Launch Team member commits to set a strong foundation in our gatherings and body by serving the needs of the body and the surrounding community.


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