Fountain City Communities are one of our highest priorities & the highlight of our church family. Some things that make our communities different are:

1) We want you to join the community that is geographically closest to where you live.
Committing to those geographically near you empowers local mission in your area of the city and undercuts cliques, embracing the beautiful diversity of the Body of Christ. If the community closest to you meets at a time you can’t meet, go on to the next closest community or reach out for help. Email Grant,

2) In FC Communities we focus on building family, growing as disciples of Jesus, and taking part in God’s mission in our local cities.
In many churches, pastors take care of all the community needs. We believe that is unsustainable and removes ownership from the Body of Christ for the work of loving and meeting the actual needs of the community. So we strive to come together each week as a family, to pray for one another, worship together, share life, and meet each other’s needs as best we can. As we grow intentionally with one another and Christ, we embrace the Spirit’s mission around us.

3) We share a family meal each week as an act of communion.
Holy Communion is a sacrament or holy practice of the Church. We honor all traditions but practice community with an actual meal where we eat together and remember the way of life, the death, and resurrection of Jesus as the center-point of who we are individually & collectively. When you come to community each week, you’ll be responsible to add to a collective meal and to bring your best; it is after all communion. Eating together is what family does.

We have 3 communities that currently meet with the plan to expand in January 2020! So if nothing fits your schedule, stay tuned! Click the RSVP link by the community you desire to join, or email Grant if you have any other questions:


Money/Swanson family
(East Columbus)

Location: 3805 Glenn Road, Columbus, GA 31909
Time: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm



Collins family
(Midtown Columbus)

Location: 1818 Wells Drive, Columbus, GA 31906
Time: Thursdays @ 6:30pm



Taylor family
(NE Columbus/Midland)

Location: 9561 Yarbrough Road, Midland, GA 31820
Time: Saturdays @ 10:30am



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